Two Haunted Hotels (Sorrento & Hotel Andra)—Seattle, WA, USA

Washington is picturesque state, having visitors in comfortable bed and breakfasts, curbside inns, hill destinations and stylish resorts. Just like other places, this place also has its haunted locations. Primary educational organizations, dining places, mental institutions and mansions are some of the places known to be haunted, but along with these are several haunted hotels.  If you are headed to Seattle on vacation anytime soon, here are a couple of haunted hotels to get your ghost hunting paranormal fix:

Sorrento Hotel

Built in 1909, Sorrento hotel is located just a few blocks away from downtown Seattle. It is owned by the Malcone family.

One staff member had a ghost so close she could feel the specter’s breath on her shoulder while in the basement!  But most agree the 4th floor is the creepiest.  This floor is routinely a little cooler than other areas of the hotel and cameras have captured a black mist exiting the elevator.  The elevator stops at random on the 4th floor as well.  Room 408 in particular seems to be spook central and many attribute the ghostly wanderings of Alice. B. Toklas, a resident that lived nearby at the turn of the century, as the hardest working ghost at the Sorrento.  She is believed to be responsible for moving glasses around in the hotel bar as well.  Guests describe her as a female ghost wearing dark-colored vintage clothing and carrying a parasol wandering especially near the room 408 on 4th floor.

Other guests complain of paranormal activity from a Red lady who haunts the upper floors.

Location: 900 Madison Street Seattle, WA 98104

Haunted Hotel Andra

Situated in Seattle’s Belltown region, the Andra has been said to be haunted, with most of the action arriving from the 9th floor. Guests have reported the sounds of a supernatural party!  Sounds of jazz songs from the prohibition period of the Twenties and noise of breaking glass are what is commonly noted.  Whenever hotel staff goes to the 9th floor to investigate, the paranormal phenomena abruptly stops, only to fire back up when no one is around. Another common sighting amongst guests is the ghost of a woman that appears to them as they are lying in bed.  She is described to be wearing 30’s era clothes and once she is seen she fades away. In the Sixties, a hotel employee jumped to their death, and this spirit seems to be angry.  Other visitors have claimed to have seen a paper weight levitate and then collide on a glass table. We recommend you experience your own paranormal  experience firsthand…HWL plans to!

Location: 2000 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

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