Haunted Castle Bardi–Italy



Beautiful castle in a beautiful setting–Haunted Castle Bardi

Built on a jetting outcrop of red jasper, the Bardi castle overlooks the Emilia-Romagna valley.  The castle is one of Italy’s medieval treasures and with restored shops, stables and observation tower it is also an excellent vacation destination…especially to romantic fans of the paranormal!

The supernatural activity here is said to stem from a real life Romeo and Juliet tragedy.  Solesta, the lord of the castle’s daughter, was in love with Moroello, the chief commander of the castle’s military forces.  Solesta’s father had already promised her to another man against her desires. But this wasn’t the ultimate tragedy of this story. Moroello was sent out to battle and while his troops faught, his forever faithful Solesta was searching the horizon for his return every day.  One fateful day she saw some cavaliers dressed in the enemies colors and concluded they were on their way to conquer the castle after their victory over Moroello.   Believing her beloved was dead, she lost her own will to live and jumped to her death. The sad twist is that it was Moroello who lead the cavaliers and wore the enemy’s colors to gloat after his army’s hard won victory.  When Moroello found the love of his life dead on the ground he immediately blamed himself and promptly killed himself.  It is believed that Moroello’s heart broken ghost haunts the castle in regretful pursuit of his lost beloved.

The haunted castle comes complete with a torture chamber, of course.  Funny it is right near the kitchen.  Perhaps the tempermental lord planned to keep his his kitchen staff at their best.

Pasta, wine, beautiful scenery, romance and a swirl of the paranormal.  It is hard to go wrong with a vacation to Italy.  Conducting your own ghost hunt at a historical castle is just a thrill seeker’s bonus!


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