Haunted Paranormal Activity at the Parliament House–Suva, Fiji

Paranormal Pondering of Parliament House in Suva, Fiji

Haunted Parliament House in Fuji

Paranormal images were captured at Parliament House in Fiji.

Parliament buildings are state owned places where laws and important government business are carried out. One of those parliaments is Parliament House in Suva,Fiji. It is a place where Fiji parliamentarians meet to conduct important government business for the people and as such people expect it to be held in high esteem and decorum.  The building has a clean, modern look to it and would not raise the slightest suspicion of being haunted like an old dilapidated house with broken windows and creaking front porch boards might.  Non the less, it has a disturbing connection to the paranormal that even lead to an exorcism in 1997.

The structure of the building is comprised of parliament chamber, parliamentarian’s offices, library dining hall and the lobby.  The architecture of the building dates back to the 1930s when government offices and buildings were being constructed and as a result, it has rich architectural history. The building is believed to have supernatural powers as many of Fiji’s historical events have happened in that building. All coupes that have occurred in Fiji ended up in this building. There was a time that it was reported that there is a tunnel that connects the building to the government house and when rebels reached the building, they tried to find it. However, it all ended up being rumors as no such tunnel was ever found.

What puts the Parliament House on the map of supernatural interest is some footage captured by security cameras several years ago.  For five minutes a mysterious, shadowy figure was captured  appearing, disappearing and then reappearing again in various locations throughout the building.  The Prime Minister called for an exorcism in 1997 to cleanse the building.

It appears that the building has been cleansed and now holds several national treasures. All portraits and government artifacts can be found in this building. Many people from different parts of the world visit the building primarily for these reasons rather than an off chance of catching the paranormal.

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