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Houska Castle, known locally as the Gates to Hell in the Czech Republic is thought to be one of the most haunted castles in the world. It is an early Gothic Castle that was built in 1253-1278 during the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia. It was turned from a Gothic castle into a Renaissance Chateau in the 16th century.

The Haunted Castle is located 47 km north of Prague in Blatce, it is situated in a remote area with no strategic value, and it is not situated on any trade route. The area is surrounded by swamps, thick forests and sandstone mountains.

Legend says that on the site before the castles construction there was a bottom cave or pit that locals, believed to be the Gate to Hell. It was said that there were half animal, half human creatures inhabiting it and black winged creatures coming from it. Local legend says that the supernatural Houska Castle was built to keep the evil in, the castles chapel built directly over the gates of hell to keep them closed. When construction of the castle began, local prisoners who had been sentenced to death were invited to the site and offered a reprieve for being lowered down into the cave and then reporting there findings.
The first volunteer was lowered down, and after only a few seconds after disappearing into the darkness his screams were heard above. When the unfortunate fellow was pulled to the surface his hair had gone white and he was still screaming. The prisoner was sent to an insane asylum where he died two days later from unknown causes.

During the late 1930′s the Nazis took over the castle and carried out experiments on dimensional portals and other supernatural fringe physic’s experiments. In the Inner courtyard the skeletons of 3 German soldiers were unearthed, all 3 had been executed. Houska castle was built with no fortifications, no water, no kitchen, near no trade routes, and with no occupants at its time of completion. The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because the hole was thought to be a supernatural gateway to hell. Thus, by constructing the Gothic building, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level thickest walls closest to the hole of the castle
This place would make a great vacation for the lovers of the haunted and paranormal.This old history of the Haunted Castle and the supernatural stories that come with it will make anyone stop to think about the world and what we know about it,this place will keep you pondering for awhile!

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